Adults Public Speaking

Public speaking fill you with fear or anxiety?
Want to communicate powerfully, with authority?
Presentations, questions keeping you awake at night?

Creating Successful Speakers

  • 1:1 training or group - Face to face or Online
  • No audience - No Queues - Focused 1 hour Courses
  • Hamilton based, but deliver NZ wide
  • Coached winners in NZ Speechmaker Contest
  • Trainer of Olympians/Para, All Blacks
  • Bespoke training - tell us your needs and concerns
  • Relaxed atmosphere - Excellence in service - Proven results
Research indicates that despite social media advances, effective public speaking is still the trump card for credibility, recognition, promotion and leadership.

We give you the skills and practical solutions to address your issues, enabling you to stand and speak with confidence and ability in any setting. No matter what you do, Speak4Success can help you develop confidence in public speaking, unlock your public voice and empower you to become a successful speaker.

Training includes effective public speaking for any adult in any situation, and leader/management training aimed more specifically at those in business leadership or the corporate sector.

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Adults Public Speaking

Overcome the fear of public speaking

What happens in your head in the moments leading up to public speaking …

What if I forget what to say. . . start waffling . . . um and ah?
What if I freeze … blush . . . shake . . . or stutter? What if my presentation doesn't work?

Negative thoughts, stage fright, performance anxiety are all symptoms of fear. Common to many, fear of public speaking can feel worse than the fear of death. Speak4Success will show you how to handle negative thoughts and anxiety with our successful Stress Management training. Don't let the mental, emotional and physical fear symptoms, stop your life and career progress.

Speak4Success gives you the tools to speak confidently, give presentations, lead meetings or team talks with ability, communicate clearly or give successful interviews. Consultations are free and lay the foundation for your training. Let us help you or your business stay on top and ahead.

public speaking training

How training will equip you

Training will equip you to:
  • Handle anxiety of public speaking – the Number 1 human fear!
  • Present with increased ability, improving company performance
  • Speak with authority and presence as leaders and perform more effectively
  • Lead meetings, team talks or training and share ideas confidently
  • Handle challenging questions and give your company the right image
  • Speak with real power and expression, holding audience attention
  • Speak On-the-Spot and deliver a quality talk, with skill and confidence
  • Control Interviews and for once have the upper hand
  • Handle work conflicts and management role disputes professionally
  • And more …

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Speakers of other Languages

Roz taught business English in London and Italy for several years, so understands the difficulties in the business environment to those for whom English is a second language.

Training covers business English skills, conversational English, social skills, speech correction, accent, body language, clarity, volume, coping with the stress of speaking publicly and Interview skills. Roz says 'tell us what skills you need/want, so we can assist'.


Do you want to present confidently with quality answers at your Interview?

Most of us only ever go to limited interviews, so only have limited experience. Gain the upper hand for once, know answers to the toughest questions, psychometric tests, endings and achieve the new position you aspire to.

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Who is training for?

  • For Individuals /Groups: for social confidence and effective oral skills in your career or life
  • For corporate or management: to handle their role successfully
  • For Organisations: to identify and develop communication skills required for potential clients.

Statistically 95% of people have a real fear of public speaking. This impacts the ability of your team when communicating, so we help remove this barrier, enabling them to speak with authority and confidence.

Clients have included: construction, legal, agricultural, educational, commercial, engineering, health/medical/animal welfare, police, army, professional sports Olympians/Para Olympians/All Blacks and more.

What makes a great public speaker?
public speaking quote

What makes a great public speaker?

Communication training is a vital life skill - necessary for career advancement, personal wellbeing and is an important leadership and management skill. Roz's job as a Public Speaking coach is to bring out your best public voice, so that you portray the right image and the audience hear a confident speaker who gets the desired results and leads successful teams.

Our skills will help you turn a good presentation into a professional, memorable presentation, that communicates successfully, achieving desired outcomes in the workplace and with clients.

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